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Engraved plates, signs, diplomas
   Engraved plates & signs
Engraved plates, made of different special engravable materials, like metallized ABS,
metallized PMMA, or different color combinations plastics (face & core of the material ), acrylic,
wood, anodized and colored eloxated aluminum, brass, nickel-covered brass, etc.
The engraved plates can be made for interior use, and also for exterior , with high resistance
to solar radiation, UV rays, weather, etc.
The maximum dimension  for engraved plates ( limited by the materials dimensions )
is 800 x 3000 mm   /   32 x 118 inches.
     Computerized CNC cutting
We are offering to you computerized CNC router cutting of different materials, like Komatex
( light PVC foam material ) 1-6 mm,  Komacel ( hardened face PVC foam material ) 1-10 mm,
acrylic 1-10 mm, Aluminum 0,5 - 8 mm, Brass 0,5 - 5 mm, Alucobond 2-6 mm.
Computerized CNC router cutting
Edge-lit engraved illuminated signs
  Edge-lit engraved illuminated signs
Interior use luminous signs, realized by edge-illuminating an acrylic incolor transparent plate,
engraved with the logo, lettering, slogan, etc. The interiors of the logos, letters, etc. can be entirely
engraved or colored self adhesive filled. We can produce this kind of signs
up to 3.1 x 0.75 m large.  The "light bar" can use neon tubes or LED s.
The decoration can be made also by computerized photoengraving.
 Brands / logos / signs - engraved , CNC cut , 3D
We produce custom designed logos / brands / signs - engraved / CNC cut from
metallized or colored plastics, aluminum, brass. These can be used for house appliances,
electric apparatus, furniture, computers, industrial machinery, auto tuning,
promotional items personalization, etc.
Computerized photoengraving
 Computerized photo engraving / 3D engraving
The photo engraving can be made on metallized plastics, acrylic, brass, aluminum.
It can be used for anniversary and commemorative plates, for edge-lit signs,
trophies or engraved diplomas, etc.
We can photo-engrave plates up to 650 x 1400 mm large.
We can use for photo engraving any black & white photo. 
 Promotional items - computerized engraving
We can engrave metallic promotional articles, like metallic
pens, lighters, key locks, business cards holders, laser pointers, metallic office sets,
various nickel - chrome - other metal plated items. 
Metalic promotional items engraving
Computerized photoengraving
 Dome labels with resin
We produce dome labels which can be used for branding different electric devices,
promotional articles, furniture, home appliances, computers, monitors, etc.
The resin is clear, can be polyurethane or epoxy, elastic or rigid.
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